The Franco-Ontarian Autism Society is once again offering the Saturday-Fou program, a socialization program for young people with ASD and their siblings!

Young people will have the chance to participate in a variety of activities while developing specific skills such as motor skills, communication, game development and social skills.

This program will be offered on Saturdays from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. starting in September 2019.


Saturday-Mad is a socialization, motor and leisure program for children and teenagers
French-speaking women with a diagnosis of autism. Siblings of the participants are also welcome.


This program includes a variety of activities including songs, music therapy, zootherapy, yoga,
swimming, crafts, sports activities, etc.

Eligibility criteria:

This program is for French-speaking children or adolescents 5 years of age and older who are diagnosed with autism and
his brothers and sisters. The stakeholders in this program are employees with experience in the
autism, having previously worked in an SFOA program.